Raise your vibe

Accept the presence of thorns, but let the rose inspire you.

Steve Pavlina

I read this quote recently and it made me think about how precious our energy is and how important it is for us to protect it if we want to live a happy, prosperous life.

This past year of isolation has shown me the value of self care and part of that lesson has been about becoming uber aware of the affects of external influences. I’ve become more in tune with how I’m feeling, and regardless of it being good or bad, I’ve started asking myself what the cause is.

Be mindful of how different people and environments impact your energy.

Take note of what lifts you up, raises your confidence, inspires you and makes you feel most “you”. Around who and where can you let your guard down and be yourself? What is that song that empowers you and makes you feel unstoppable? Thats your high vibe. Maximize your time with those influences. Maybe its certain people… certain music… certain activities or environments like meditation, working out or being outside.

Conversely, recognize what causes you to feel anxiety, walk on eggshells or change your behaviours. Around who and where do you feel like shrinking, modifying who you are or filtering what you say? That’s your low vibe. Minimize or even eliminate the time you spend with things that lower your energy. Maybe its certain people, certain places or environments, even certain foods. How about the news. Have you ever noticed the ratio of bad news to good news? Bad news sells.

We can’t always eliminate the thorns, but we can choose to focus on the roses…. and pull out the weeds.

I’m an open book around my friend Cathy…she knows the good, bad and ugly and accepts me the way I am. Always feel uplifted after spending time with her. Running…in the trails is my environment of choice to de compress. Good vibes

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